About Us

We Welcome Everyone With Open And Loving Arms

History: Houston Alfreda’s Soul Food Restaurant has been cooking delicious soul food for Houston’s families for over a half-century. Founded in 1964 by the Green Family, Houston Alfreda’s Soul Food is the longest standing Soul Food Restaurant in the Historical Third Ward, Museum District, Nearest Downtown Houston, the Midtown District, and West of 288 Freeway. Alfreda’s is now owned by the Williams Family. AS a Houston Press Top 5 Soul Food Restaurant, Alfreda’s is cooking more than just oxtails.

Heritage: Alfreda’s is strategically located on the fringes of The Museum, Midtown, and Historical Third Ward Districts, which is dead smack in the heart of gentrification. Often times, gentrification raises the middle class up into nicely renovated housing situations and creates for them small business opportunities while pushing the lower classes out of the neighborhood altogether. In many cases, they have nowhere to go. With that said, The new owners see this as an opportunity to be apart of something great and cutting-edge happening in Houston’s inner city. The aim is to bring forth the rich history of the Historical Third Ward and enmesh it with the two newer districts (the Museum and Midtown).

Hope: “Owning Alfreda’s is an opportunity for us to bring forth the rich Heritage of Black Houston and merge it with our new neighbors of all continents. We welcome everyone with open and loving arms. Everyone is welcome is invited to the table to experience some great soul food. You do not have to look any further because this is it. With the help of God Creative Genius via Arts, this ethnically diverse idea takes on a life of its own.



Alfreda’s Soul Food continues to maintain the original vision for delicious down home southern cooking.

Phase One is the drawing of a 150′ X 8′ mural portraying legendary blacks of science, music, public service, entrepreneurship, clergy, education, and the arts. Phase Two is the refurbishing of Alfreda’s interior to bring forth the classy soulful look and bridge it with the color here and now representing the rich Mosaic of Diversity. With a newly paved parking lot, Phase Three depict the now look with almost 100′ x 6′ of a significant Face from Every Continent, Williamses.